After the 2011 earthquake, tsunami, and radiation disasters in Tohoku, Japan, Maui Taiko was urged to perform at affected areas which were primarily in the Fukushima Prefecture. The goal was to bring happiness and the aloha spirit to the thousands of people who were affected by the triple disaster. In June 2012, nine Maui Taiko members embarked on the Maui Taiko Aloha Tour. The group was invited to share the film Great Grandfather’s Drum and perform at numerous events. The tour began at the Spa Resorts Hawaiians, which hotel housed many displaced residents due to tsunami damage and radiation concerns. It continued with community performances at a Miharu Community Center, at Koriyama Kaisei Gakuen (a high school that housed displaced residents), in a Yamagata Prefecture community center (this town welcomed displaced residents) and ended at the Fukushima Taiko Union annual concert held in the Bandai Atami area. The tour was meant to honor those who perished or were affected by the disaster. Maui Taiko formed a friendship with the Fukushima Taiko Union and was also honored to learn a special piece from Soma Nomaoi Daiko.