After the triple disaster that hit the Tohoku Region of Japan in 2011, the Maui community reached out to those who were affected by the damage through the formation of the Aloha Initiative Program, the Maui Taiko Aloha Tour, and efforts by the Japanese Cultural Society of Maui and Maui Fukushima Kenjin Kai. To thank the generous volunteers, the Fukushima Taiko Union presented the “Mahalo Hawaii: Drums of the Fukushima Sunset Concert” at the Lahaina Jodo Mission on Sunday, July 6, 2014.

Performers included Adatara Daiko, Atago Jindaiko Renkyo Kazagumi, Soma Nomaoi Daiko, and Uneme Daiko, and event co-sponsor, Maui Taiko. Approximately 45 individuals from 8 groups in the Fukushima Taiko Union made the trip to Maui. The tour was led by Hisakatsu Yokoyama from the Futaba County, where 65,000 residents were forced to evacuate along with the 134,000 evacuated from Fukushima Prefecture. A joint performance by Soma Nomaoi Daiko and Maui Taiko was featured in the program. The piece was initially taught to Maui Taiko during the group’s 2012 Maui Taiko Aloha Tour to Japan.